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Thursday, October 02, 2003

Strong Reading Recommendation

Boot, I read Bionomics on your recommendation shortly after the first GG get-together. It was quite good, the author did a nice job. If anyone is interested in the question of what generates and maintains prosperity I am recommending this book by Reuven Brenner, The Force of Finance. It is written in clear simple language, is low on spin or ideology and draws together many ideas that may not be familiar.

This other recommendation is, in my view, one of the most profound books ever written. It is The Fatal Conceit, by F.A.Hayek. This one comes with a warning label. The writing style and ideas involved might strain your brain!! A super-literate guy like Boot will cope. everyone else - only if you are in a very ambitious mood. It might be easiest to read this book one chapter at a time, everyother day. Then read it a second time a month or two later. The body and appendicies are only about 155 pages, but don't be fooled by the brevity.

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